Counting off the Days Until our Big Adventure!

Last summer we decided we needed to go on a longer trip before we’re ready to settle down and before the big 30! Now it’s only a few weeks away! Time flies, but yes, we are ready to leave and we can’t wait.

We often get the question what we will be doing these 5 months, to be honest we don’t really know! It’s the first time we will be travelling together for such a long time. If it was up to Neil we would stay on the beach for the full five months! but I would like to visit some places which are still on my travel list.  The only thing which is certain is that we will fly to Bangkok halfway through January and then we will fly back from Bali at the end of June.


We will start our big adventure in Bangkok and we have arranged a hotel on the famous Kho San Road. We will probably leave Thailand straight away on our way to Cambodia and Laos. Afterwards we are thinking of travelling through the north of Thailand to enter Myanmar. Afterward we are thinking on going to Malaysia via the south of Thailand. We wanted to stay in the national park Khoa Sok National Park and go via the islands Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta and Koh Lipe to the south near Malaysia.


One of the main reason we want to go to Cambodia is because of Angkor Wat. Even though they say it’s so touristic, but we feel it’s also something we can’t miss. Afterwards we are planning to relax on Koh Rong before we will be travelling to Phnom Penh with the impressive killing fields and caves.


After Cambodia we probably will head north via the 4000 islands to Laos. The way north to Vientiane is long, so any suggestions for cities to visit in the meantime are more then welcome. In the North of Laos we would like to visit Vang Vieng and Luang Prabanang before we continue to the north of Thailand.


After crossing the Thailand-Myanmar border we probably will stay in the Hpa An to relax for a bit. Next stop in Myanmar will be Yangon, afterwards Isle Lake and Bagan. The last one will be the city I’m looking towards the most. Sunset while overlooking the temples and pagoda’s. Our last stop will be the capital Mandalay from where we fly back to Bangkok.


We are planning to visit both parts of Malaysia. The mainland between Thailand and Singapore and the Borneo island. On the mainland we can’t miss Kuala Lumpur but before we’re there we will try to visit the Cameron Highlands and will relax in Penang or Langkawi. From Kuala Lumpur we probably will fly to Kuching, where we will visit some of the national parks in Sarawak.

On our way to the north east we will try to make a stop at Brunei to see the difference compared to the rest of SE Asia. We will end Borneo in the area Kota Kinabalu from where we will continue to the Philippines. Hopefully we will have enough time to visit the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park!


We’ve heard that the Philippines isn’t the easiest country to travel around because it takes up much time because of the islands. That’s why we will focus on Cebu and Palawan. From Cebu we will be able to go to the chocolate hills on Bohol. Afterwards we will fly to Puerto Princesa because that’s on our way to El Nido. Where we assume are the prettiest beaches we will see in Asia. Mostly it will be about relaxing and enjoying the beautiful beaches!


From the start of the idea of this trip one thing was sure. We are going to visit the Komodo Dragon. Unfortunate I didn’t had enough time when I was in Indonesia a few years ago. But this time we definitely will visit Flores from where we will do a tour to Komodo. Afterwards we will head back to the Bali area because that’s from where we will fly back home at the end of our trip.

It will be exciting to see what we did from our ‘bucket list’ and which countries we visited. We’re open for suggestions and please let us know if we forget about that special spot in SE Asia. For now we enjoy the holidays with family and keep counting off the days…

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